We are a specialist, fixed fee conveyancing service that offers a no-nonsense approach to moving home. We provide you with a dedicated lawyer without the traditional cost. Our mission is to ensure the legal side of buying, selling, transferring, subdividing or remortgaging your property is as smooth as possible.

Residential & Commercial: Buying and Selling


The principal lawyer who will be handling your conveyance specialises in conveyancing transactions and has extensive experience in both high and low end property sales. You will be happy to know we thrive on providing successful solutions for complicated leaseholds, and are able to provide services for large rural estates, options and time critical contract races and attended exchanges if need be.

Property Related


- Selling and buying of land 

- Lodgements and withdrawal of caveats 

- Transfers of ownership

- Subdivisions

- Refinances

- Removal of restrictive covenants 

- Application for replacement of lost title

- Joint venture agreements 

- Options to purchase land

- Commercial leases

Rest assured, with APEX Conveyancing, your conveyance will be a breeze.
​Commercial Leases and negotiations


We provide comprehensive advice to both landlords and tenants, tailoring such advice to our client’s commercial needs. Whether you are a landlord seeking to grant a lease to a new or existing tenant or whether you are a tenant taking over an existing lease or negotiating new terms we can advise you throughout the transaction to ensure your interests are fully protected. 

​As part of our service we will attend to all:


- Title and property searches;

- Transfer documents;

- Caveats;

- Statement of adjustments;

- Discharge of mortgage;

- Settlement; and

- Registration and stamp duty

​Wills & Probate


Our Wills and Probate services include some of the following areas:

- Wills

- Estate administration

- Probate only matters

- Lasting powers of attorney

- Guardianship matters